An Early Lexicon

RMCM© – The Rational Model of Complex Mechanisms©


Abstract : that which arises directly out the binding

Ambivalence : the experience of concurrent like and dislike.

C: the frequency at which cause and effect persist as mass – GodSong©, the speed of light squared, the primal Innate.

Cause is defined as difference opened – gravity.

Chase© : any bound flow

Complex Mechanism : any given machine that implements its acquisition through its expression and implements its expression through its acquisition – metabolism.

Condition : the innate, the intrinsic, or the abstract.

Container : any given constraint on flow.

Delta Axis© : a non-planar line that extends from the infinitely inward to the infinitely outward – the impossibility of intersection.

Density : compartmentalization of frequency.

Effect is defined as difference closed – light or EMR.

Experience : any change to an aggregate that becomes an attribute of that aggregate.

Form is defined as a contiguous aggregate of Function – a line segment or Chase©

Frequency : the compartmentalization of mass.

Function is defined as a zero volume container – a point or Fulcrum.

GodSong© : the speed of light squared.

Growth : the abstraction of value from metabolism.

Hierarchy : a complex mechanism that acquires from one complex mechanism while expressing into another complex mechanism.

Inexpression© is defined as those attributes of points that lie undisclosed within a given density.

Influence : any modulation in frequency – catalysis, carbon.

Innate : that which arises directly out of Cause and Effect.

Intrinsic : That which arises directly out of Form and Function such that Form implements Function and Function iterates Form.

Lever : any Chase bound to two or three fulcrums.

Machine : any given aggregate of mechanisms that implement a mechanism.

Mass : a cause and effect event.

Mechanism : any given aggregate of levers that implement a lever.

Motion : the change in the shape of flow – the change in context – the innate or the abstract conditions

Movement : function iterating form and form implementing function -the intrinsic condition.

Persistence : any constraint that gives rise to point aggregation and any aggregate of points that give rise to constraint.

Radiation : ripples along the compartments of mass.

Rational : that which adheres to the rules that iteratively bind Form, Function, Cause and Effect into the Universe

Rational Paradigm : bound septuple hierarchy that implements a complex mechanism – organic or inorganic life – a choir of angels (see GodSong)

Synchronicity : distinct flows bound by the same constraint – concurrence.

Value : any flow within given flow.

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The Rational Model of Complex Mechanisms (RMCM)
C4E© – Church of the Fourth Experience©(C4E)
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