Deconstructing SpaceTime

While I freely disclose that this model may not work in the end, for any hope of implementing the model to test it, one must seriously consider Delta and hold it close to any further consideration of what follows herein.

Notwithstanding the model concurring with Einstein’s conclusion that time and gravity form the fabric of “SpaceTime”, the existence of points preempts the existence of “space”. The model asserts that the universe is an aggregate of points and points are primal or originating units of MassTime. The model asserts also that MassTime is the fabric of the Universe.

Nonetheless, SpaceTime does indeed reflect the context or paradigm of a material universe, and, after all, the hard sciences can explore only that which can be measured.

Together we will transcend the material universe into a simpler kind of universe which we will encapsulate as The Rational. This saves us the heartache and conflict of colliding with opinions and objections anchored in SpaceTime, the Universe of.

This encapsulation, The Rational, should make Delta an easier encapsulation with which to work toward understanding.


Thank you for reading this.

God Bless
Custodian C4E