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Rational (Neo-Rational)

Rational is defined as that which adheres to the rules that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into The Rational.

The Rational is defined as an implementation of the Principles that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into Rational Paradigms.

Property is defined as any given lever, mechanism, or machine.

This is a model, so the question “why” will remain a loose cannon and red hearing. Instead we will describe that which gets done, rather than speculating on what is possible to do.

This attempt to model Persistence (rather than existence) requires that we delve into gravity and mass. We have attempted to construct Robust definitions that build on simpler Attributes, Conditions, and Properties also defined in our lexicon. Eventually we will arrive back at a Rational encapsulation of another phenomenon that is still, to most, clearly as poorly understood as mass, gravity, Density, and Ambivalence. Our model arises as an attempt to understand Ambivalence. The model asserts that ambivalence is central to what it means to be Homo Sapiens : Terra Virtualis – Rational Paradigms.