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To Where Goes Infinity?

Most of us accept that infinity is a term for that which is too expansive for measurement. This gift from Aristotle, infinity is viewed as that which extends endlessly outward from a given center, origin, or source,
While our minds can only presume the boundless, we seem to have learned to live with infinity, when encountering linesIrrational numbers, and time. However we could accept absolute infinity if there is a compelling reason to do so.

The modern compelling experience for accepting infinity, as a truth, lies within software development. All programmers and developers are familiar with the “infinite loop”. This nasty little experience occurs when executing a computer program that contains a logical error. At some conjuncture a small loop of code designed to repeat a task continuously until a change signals stop. However, if when writing the code one either forgot to put in the “stop” or put in the “stop” incorrectly, then the repetition zips along with no graceful way out – reboot the computer or executing a previously design kill-switch to unconditionally stop the errant program. This infinite loop is a modern experience with the truth of infinity.

Other more traditional experiences with infinity are those of being lost at sea beyond sight of land, lost in the desert with no obvious way out, or lost in a very large forest. A pregnant woman in labor has had an experience of infinity. Children experience the idea of infinity waiting for Birthdays or Christmas.

Notwithstanding the above I will introduce you to hypothetical implementations of infinity that defy argument.