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Intimacy And The Machine

(herein )
Intimacy is defined as the sharing of vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability is defined as inexpressed causality.

Vulnerabilities are also known as needs. Needs can be persistent and existential. Some needs are Complex, and some are Simple. The encapsulation, Vulnerabilities, will help us ignore the complicated specifics of needs, wants, and desires as well as shield us from moral and ethical digressions inappropriate for understanding The Machine.

We will treat machines as contexts because any given mechanism or machine implements a simple lever. Complex mechanisms (metabolisms) may implement several simple levers. There is a distance between simplicities and complexities within the same Rational Paradigm. As inorganic machines cross the boundary of a need for software, we must be able to discern between that over which we have direct control, that over which we have some control,  and that which lies outside of our control. This model orders these conditions through encapsulations as they present in a lever. Some vulnerabilities are innate, some Intrinsic and some abstract.
The innate condition is the machine. The Intrinsic condition is the behavior of the machine. The abstract condition is its trajectory – plan objective motivation etc.